COMFORT Memory Foam for Shoes- Women


Comfort Plus: Your shoes will become so comfortable, that your legs and body will not feel tired, even if you stand, walk or run for long duration.
Compatible Plus: Memory Foam for shoes insole are suitable for all kind of shoes- Running, Sneakers, Loafers, Leather Shoes, Gym shoes etc.
Care Plus: The Memory Foam Insoles absorbs the impact on the whole foot and can help reduce stress and strain on the ankle, knee and lower back.
Usage: Just remove the old insole of your shoes, and insert the Grade Memory Foam insole. Your shoes wont get tight.

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Memory Foam for shoes provide exceptional cushioning and gentle support. They help in relieving heel pain, arch pain and reduce foot fatigue.
With equal distribution of balance, you will feel extra comfort and bounce. Moreover, the natural shape with arch, they support and relax your foot for all day wearing comfort.
No cutting is required, as they come in perfect UK sizes.

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