About our company

We are Footbox, footwear that is uniquely customized to suit your needs

Footbox with 2 years of legacy has been crafting shoes for style-conscious people.

We started our journey by setting a store named as Delhi Stores where we sold the perfect piece of footwear in the post-independence era in Kalimpong.

Ever since that time, we have even touched the soils of Siliguri and Bhutan.

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  • Fast-Forward

    Since our founding, thanks to the affection and support of our audience, we have expanded greatly, starting with the production of our shoes in Kalimpong and moving on to international markets like Bhutan and Amazon.

  • Global Brand

    We believe our humble story of Footbox is no less than a legacy because it’s a journey where our customers have taken us forward and have shown trust in our vision to make Footbox a global brand.

  • Guarantee

    We promise you to hold the highest ethical standards of craftsmanship and to walk extra miles to make sure our customer loves what we produce.

  • Selling in Amazon

    We are a registered and certified amazon seller. We started selling in amazon in 2019 and with your unconditional love and support, we are now an Advanced Seller in amazon.in